Today’s world is defined by challenges. Economic volatility; rampant scepticism about politicians, institutions and businesses; more activism amongst employees, consumers and stakeholders than ever before. 

At the same time, it is abundant with opportunity. Greater diversity of communications channels offer opportunities to tell your story in different ways. More connectivity driven by advances in technology allows for greater creativity when it comes to doing business. There is an appetite for businesses that can make a difference, to their market, society and people’s lives.    

For those in communications, the task of building, maintaining and protecting corporate reputation is more important than ever. Yet it’s harder to do than ever before. 

When market noise and confusion reaches fever pitch, it is important to have a story that cuts through. 

When market change becomes a constant, it is essential to be agile and dynamic enough to adapt, not relying on outdated command and control approaches to communications. 

When markets disrupt, having a reputation for trust and authenticity is often the difference between success and failure. 

It is this collision of challenge and opportunity that motivates all of us at Fire on the Hill.